The Aluhutfraktion
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I’m working with crazy people, that’s my job... I mean completely crazy, it’s called Runaway house, they are originally from the Netherlands and for people that runaway from Psychiatric institutions. People with mental health issues. Some people are more crazy than others. Some will throw all the square things they find into the pond in front of the house and some will throw all the toilet brushes in the trees.

Sounds like quite a serious job?

Yeah that’s why I had this break. I don’t know if I am going to work there more or not. I’ve been there three years. It’s very very stressful. People do really weird things, like for example, there is one thing that happens, every few weeks people throw away the coffee machine because they think it is possessed by something. I was quite impressed the first two or three times…

Because it’s a big machine?

Yes it’s a big machine but these people have nothing to do with one another! It’s a very strange thought that a coffee machine can be possessed and even more strange that it’s a recurring thing! And THE ALU-HUT-FRAKTION, like the people who think that when we are sleeping NASA comes and puts satellites under our skin.

What’s the word you used?
The Alu-hut-fraktion. The party of the Aluminium Hats. Because if you wear an aluminium hat you wont get spied on by the satellites. I was offered an aluminium hat once, as a goodbye present! It was very nice.

Where is this place you work?

It’s in one of the posh, rich parts of Berlin, a northern suburb, and everybody hates us. There is one patient that every Saturday at 6am exactly will come and try and steal some food and laundry and then run away and she will always run around in the streets shouting ‘GESTAPO, GESTAPO, YOU ARE ALL FROM THE GESTAPO’ and all the neighbours are out of their windows going ‘GET YOUR CRAZY PEOPLE BACK INSIDE. WE ARE TRYING TO SLEEP.’

Another guy would always bring flowers, I really liked this guy, he was constantly talking in a rough berlin accent, and constantly listening to Abba on speakers, the same five songs. We were saying, why don’t you use headphones? And he would say it’s not the same experience, he had to listen on these shitty bluetooth speakers. He was there for 6 months. I can’t listen to Abba to this day. But I always thought bringing flowers was nice...