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MODERNISTA is an exhibition that seeks to contextualise the late 19th century buildings of Gaudi and his fellow ‘modernista’ architects as being more than just bricks and mortar. Gaudi’s work, in particular, has been the subject of extensive photographic surveys in the past but almost all have sought to emphasise the defined architectural merit of his work. By contrast, Michael Thomas Jones has viewed some of Barcelona’s most significant architectural works in terms of ‘people and place’, looking beyond the well-established ‘coffee-table monographs’ and ‘picture postcard views’. He has engaged some of the unsung individuals who work or live within these architectural landmarks. Additionally, he has captured the way in which many of these building’s now sit somewhat incongruously with their near neighbours, as the city has grown and developed; whilst others have been adapted and modified to meet the changing landscape of the city and the needs of society today.’ Peter Trowles, Glasgow school of Art

‘Commissioned as part of the Scottish Government’s commitment to increased cultural links between Scotland and Catalonia, the publication and an accompanying exhibition presents the work of modernista/art nouveau architects within the context of 21st century Barcelona. With photographs by Michael Thomas Jones and texts by Peter Trowles the exhibition 'Modernista: Gaudi and his Contemporaries in Modern Day Barcelona' was shown at the Lighthouse, Glasgow, 14 November 2009 - 28 February 2010 and then from 25 April 2010 at the Hospital de la Santa Creu i San Pau, Barcelona. Formally opened by Jordi Hereu the Mayor of Barcelona, the exhibition attracted over 20,000 visitors in the first weekend.’

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