Duct Tape Doka with Jonas Camps
Analogue Workshops / 10-11 December 2022

(English and Netherlands)

Duct Tape Doka and Jonas Camps are teaming up to deliver a weekend workshop making photographs, processing film, and exploring analogue black at white printing.

Day 1 (Saturday 10 - 17h) ish:

Meet at Duct Tape Doka (Blikfabriek) with your camera. We will spend the morning making photographs at Blikfabriek which offers some amazing locations. We will have lunch and then in the afternoon we will go to the darkroom to go through the process of developing our films. All films will be processed, washed, and put to dry ready for day 2.

Day 2 (Sunday 10 - 17h) ish:

At Duct Tape Doka we will check out our films on the lightbox, cut them up and sleeve them, and then we will make a contact sheet from which we can pick an image to print. Lunch again will be provided and then in the afternoon we will learn how to make a print from our chosen negatives. Everyone will get to make a print to take home. (Duct Tape Doka will finish any unresolved prints ︎)

The cost of the weekend workshop is €250.00
€125.00 / Day (Course €85.00 / Materials €40.00)

(Film, chemistry, paper, lunch, and coffee are all provided. All you need is your camera)
Get in touch to reserve a spot via Michael (Duct Tape Doka) at mtjtimes@gmail.com or via Jonas at jonas_camps@hotmail.com

Duct tape. A handy resource for making somewhere light-tight.
Doka, short for donkere kamer (Dutch). A light-tight space where one can work with photosensitive materials.

Duct Tape Doka is an analogue darkroom and finishing studio.
It is part of the creative community at Blik Fabriek in Antwerp.

Duct Tape Doka celebrates the one off, hand made, photographic print. It celebrates the craft, ingenuity, and experimentation at the heart of analogue photography. Duct Tape Doka has a back to basics, do it yourself, get your hands dirty, approach to making photographs. It courts less screen time, less algorithms. For those who want to learn we at Duct Tape Doka offer workshops that explore analogue photographic techniques, from film processing and making hand prints, to working with large format cameras, and all of those things combined and more. For those who just want to do, the darkroom can be rented on a hourly basis subject to experience and induction.

Please see below for all offers and activities at the present time.
For the time being we do not have an online booking system and ask you to contact Michael for all enquiries and bookings.

michael thomas jones / mtjtimes@gmail.com




Learn @ Duct Tape Doka

Our workshops are for those that want to learn the fundamentals of the analogue process and for those who want to get into other areas of practice. Completion of any workshop means that you need not complete a further induction course to use the facilities thereafter. More workshops will be added in time.

Film processing 

Learn how to process B+W and colour film.
Bring up to 3 films (colour or black and white) to be processed.

(Best part of 1 day, chemistry included) €100

Analogue printing (Beginner)

Learn how to make B+W hand prints using the traditional tray method.
Create a contact print from your negatives and then choose a negative to explore in print.

(1 full day, chemistry and resin-coated paper included)  €120

Analogue printing (Advanced)

Further develop your skills in making B+W hand prints using the traditional tray method.
Learn how to dodge and burn successfully, pre-flashing, and split-grade printing.
Create a contact print from your negatives and then choose a negative to explore in print.

(1 full day, chemistry and resin-coated paper included) €120

Large format photography 

Learn how to work with the large format 5x4  camera and begin to explore the unique way of working that it represents. Large format analogue photography is a slow, involved process requiring concentration and a systematic approach to each shot. The camera offers a level of control and possibility not available to other formats and can foster a satisfying medatitive approach to image making in those photographers who take to the process. The amazing quality and distinctive feel of large format film remains somewhat unrivalled.

Learn how to correctly use a 5×4 camera. You will learn how to set-up the camera, how to load film into dark-slides, how to attach the lens & control the shutter, how to focus the camera, and you will be introduced to using camera movements.

After making photographs in the vicinity of Blik Fabriek we will process the film and make prints from the results using the traditional tray method.

(2 full days. Use of camera, film, chemistry and paper included) €250 

Workshops are available Wednesday through Sunday beginning January 2022.